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Safari 1.2 crash problem with JavaScript-spawned windows

I've encountered a problem that reliably produces a crash in Safari since the 1.2 update last week. I can reproduce this problem with 100% reliability on my desktop G4 dual 450MHz machine, on my iBook, and on a PowerBook G4 12".

Safari before 1.2 didn't allow the use of the Tab key to move among elements on a web page, except for forms fields. Links, buttons, etc., were not included in the tab order; they had to be clicked on to activate them. Internet Explorer has long allowed navigation among all web-page elements using the Tab key (and in fact typing the first few letters of a link's text selects the link as well). I'm a big fan of keyboard-based navigation of web pages, which was one reason I stuck with Internet Explorer as long as I did (and why I still like Windows OSes at all—lots of keyboard navigation built into the OS and most of the programs that run under it).

The problem I've had with Safari 1.2 is that if I use the Tab key to move among elements of a JavaScript-spawned window, and then I use Shift-Tab to move backward among those elements, Safari crashes as soon as I shift-Tab past the top-most element of the page.

Doesn't matter which site spawned the window. I have pop-ups blocked, so for me it's only happening with pop-ups that I initiated.

I'd be curious to hear from anyone else who may be encountering this odd behavior.

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UPDATE 02/13/04 00:04: It doesn't require Tabbing forward through the elements first; it's possible to do it just by Shift-Tabbing through all elements. The crash happens when the top-most element is bypassed. Seems Safari normally would then move through the various user-interface elements (toolbar buttons and whatnot), then return the focus to the bottom-most element, but it crashes instead.

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UPDATE 02/16/04 17:49: I've since discovered that this happens if I press Shift-Tab at all in a JavaScript-spawned window that has any form elements (text boxes, drop-down menus, buttons). It happens immediately as well. I'm not sure why initially it presented differently, but in the last couple of days I've seen it happen with a single Shift-Tab in every case, no matter where the cursor was in the window.

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UPDATE 04/18/04 03:02: I still run into this occasionally. I've managed to train myself not to use Shift-Tab in any pop-up windows, and not just in Safari. So far I haven't seen a thing about this in any Apple Support Discussions postings, but I haven't posted about it either. I also haven't found anything relevant in the Safari support area, nor in the knowledge base in general.

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UPDATE 05/05/05: I upgraded to Mac OS X 10.4 ("Tiger") a few days ago and I haven't encountered this problem since. Looks like it may finally be cleared up.