Seattle Times: Whales' fish-nabbing intrigues, frustrates
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Seattle Times: Never underestimate customer's 'bad' taste

I wouldn't buy any of these items—I'm not their target market, not by a long shot—but I do find these controversies endlessly amusing. The depths of Americans' prudery just amaze me:

Butch Stevenson had braced himself last month for a backlash against a T-shirt that read "Rong Rive Engrish."

But the assistant manager of the downtown Zebraclub, an apparel chain in the Seattle area, did what he usually does when he's not sure how a product will be received: He put it out there.

"It ended up being one of our top-selling shirts by our Asian community," Stevenson said.

"It's all relative, what's gonna be offensive."

After some retailers pulled merchandise bearing messages that customers found offensive, local store owners are mulling over what determines whether a statement is funny or mean.