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Shopping by mail

Levenger spring 2004 catalog coverIn today's post I received Levenger's spring 2004 catalog, the cover of which, reproduced here, shows two leather bags made to look like the paper grocery bags I've known my entire life.

But Levenger calls them the Origami Tote and mini bag, because "Paper Grocery Bags Made of Leather" is too, I don't know, obvious, I guess.

You can also get a Herman Miller Mirra chair which looks like it has about 3000 adjustments and could fold up and kill you if you triggered one of those adjustments incorrectly.

On the next page, you'll find a selection of hideous pastel wallets and PDA cases, and further back there's an entire four-page spread of pastel leather products.

Levenger does offer some very cool products. I picked up their Levenger Lap Desk a few years ago, and it works really well with the Mission-style chair I have in my living room.

But pastel leather products and fountain pens in a couple hundred styles?