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Silly (sprained?) ankle

So I was stepping around a plant stand I've had in my apartment for nearly two years. I've stepped around this stand probably a couple thousand times with nary an incident. Until tonight.

Somehow I managed to step on the leg of this plant stand. The leg angles up at about 45°, and my foot rolled sideways right off the stand leg. My left ankle made this terrifying CRUNCH sound that was obviously just short of breaking, and it immediately went numb for a few seconds.

That sensation subsided quickly, felt like a particularly evil ankle twist, but a few minutes later it started to throb lightly, so I've got it iced down to minimize the effect of a sprain if that's what I did.

Klutzy Don.

I bought the plant stand at IKEA in 2002. It waited nearly two years to wreak its awful vengeance upon me.

But now that I think about it, since IKEA gives their products names like EFFEKTIV and SMYCKA and BØRKBØRK, I should've seen this coming when I bought a plant stand named DÖH.