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U.S. Department of State chooses a new typeface

My old friend Chris Drew posts in his blog about the U.S. government's State Department's recent decision to standardize on Times New Roman 14, easily my least favorite font in the history of publishing.

Actually no. My least favorite is probably MS Comic Sans, which is just stupid.

Times New Roman runs a close second. It's so common, it offers absolutely no distinction. Granted, official government documents are not the best place for distinctive visual styling, but Times for me also has the unfortunate quality of being unpleasant to the eye.

So of course we use it at the lab as well.

I'm partial to sans-serif fonts, so Mac users see this site in Lucida Grande or (if they don't have Lucida Grande installed) Arial. Windows users see the site in Verdana, Arial, or their system's designated sans-serif font. I find it much easier to read sans-serif fonts for extended periods, especially on computer displays, and I simply don't care for the look of Times New Roman in printed documents.

Ah well. 'Tis another among the vast array of reasons why I don't work for any government entity, I imagine.