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Valentine's Day comedy stylings

Laugh Lover's Ball logo - click to view Laugh Lover's Ball web siteSaw the Laugh Lover's Ball at Benaroya Hall tonight.

The event is organized by David Crowe, a hysterical funny comic who hails from Kent. I saw him at Comedy Underground last year, nearly split my face grinning the entire time.

This year's Laugh Lover's Ball lineup included the aforementioned David Crowe; Jimmy Brogan, a former writer on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno; Debbie Wooten, whom I'd never seen perform before but is apparently pretty well-known among comedy troupers in the Seattle area, award-winning blah blah blah (although I didn't find her all that engaging); Dwight Slade, a Portland-based comic who reminded me of a cross between Jim Carrey and one of my old college roommates; and Bald Faced Lie, a sketch-comedy group formed in the Seattle area in 1996.

BFL did a hysterical scene as their closing bit. It involved confusion among two beachgoers whose clothing bags get mixed up. Put the audience was in stitches, it was a classic bit of physical/slapstick.

A good way to spend Valentine's Day evening with friends, although my face hurts now.