Timeline: Lori Hacking Disappearance
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Early-morning randomness

Børn Footwear: CLASSIC: Blast
Børn Footwear: CLASSIC: Blast
New shoes today.... Børn rules.

At 09:30 I’ll be meeting with an academic advisor at the University of Utah to hammer out my school life for the foreseeable future.

I set my alarm for 08:30 to be sure I’d have plenty of time to shower, dress, drive to the U (it’s maybe 10 min. away, including finding parking and wandering around campus until I find the right building). So of course I snapped awake promptly at 05:49, for crying out loud.

On the plus side, no bad news about Lori Hacking—but then, no news of any kind yet either, and still no sign of her. No summaries of these stories today, links only:

And finally, a spot of good—nay, INCREDIBLE—news:

Astounding accomplishment after surviving testicular cancer in the 1990s. Bravo!