Trip to Denver, Day 4
Amusing Utah State Fair billboard

In the air: DAL 3892, DEN-SLC

Flight attendant Mary, who looks like <spoiler>Nancy Allen from just before her death scene in RoboCop 3</spoiler>, is having a great deal of difficulty reciting her usual airplane-safety-features and no-smoking-allowed spiels and keeps stumbling over her own tongue, including briefly forgetting the captain’s and first officer’s names.

This flight originated in SLC and was late arriving in DEN, so left the gate ~10 min late. We also taxied for what seemed like 3 hours—I’m pretty sure we actually took off from Kansas.

Flight’s been uneventful so far. Mary’s just started the beverage service after reminding us that we’ve received credit for this flight if we’re Delta SkyMiles members, and that beer and wine are available for $4.00 each, correct change always appreciated.

Even though I rarely drink anything but water on airplanes, I think it’s time to hit up my mom’s neighbours, both Delta flight attendants, for some drink coupons.