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Week 82: Unconscious Mutterings

I hereby declare “Unknown” callers The Scourge of the Earth

For the last several days I’ve been receiving calls that show up Unknown on my cell’s caller ID. I’d been ignoring them by hitting the “busy” button on my phone, in theory sending them to my voice mail, but never got a message. So today I answered the calls that came in that way.

The first three were disconnects. The fourth and final was a robotic voice: “We have an important call for you. Please wait and a representative will be with you shortly.”

A few seconds later my ear was assaulted by the high-pitched voice of a whiny operator who asked to speak with Don about opportunities for reduced-rate mortgages.

It’s too bad cell phones don’t hang up like regular corded phones. I couldn’t jam the phone down hard enough (after demanding they remove my name from their calling lists) to drive shards of her headset deep into her brain.