The First Four: Sun 08/15/04
Salt Lake Tribune: Airport airspace filling up

Nothing substantive

Apparently I'm not in a writing way today. I did my two news stories early this morning, and then I went to bed a while later, woke up after only a few hours, been kicking around for a bit, but haven't run into anything about which I care to write.

Two weekly themed posts in the last couple hours, and I have one more I may post this afternoon sometime. Then I have to decide if I want to try to catch up on NBC's "coverage" of the Olympic Summer Games—my TiVo's been quite faithful to me via the Season Pass I set up. From the listings, however, it looks like rowing and beach volleyball along with some swimming heats that don't sound too exciting to me.

Who could blame me, though, after the endless thrill of yesterday's nail-biter competitions in sychronized diving?