Laundry and Italian food
Deseret Morning News: Search now 'unnecessary,' say families of Lori Hacking

Poker Night

Down $7 or so on a $10 buy-in (I bought in twice overall) at my old friend Derek's house. Our table of four included our other long-time friend Brian and Derek's friend Matthew.

Had a couple of good hands but we played a lot of five-card stuf, jacks or better to open, so a lot of the pots were the antes when no one could open through four or five hands in a row. All those dimes add up slowly.

Derek's dog Brand, 8 or 9 years old and newly diagnosed diabetic, kept us all company as we moved from the game table to the porch for our occasional smoke break. I first met Brand a couple years ago when Derek and I were both in the Seattle metro area. Great dog, low-key and friendly, has this half-smile facial expression that matches Derek so well.

I'm off to bed shortly, had to write this up and include the latest Deseret Morning News story about the Lori Hacking disappearance in another post shortly after this one.