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It's strange. I've posted about Lori Hacking about twice a day since her disappearance on July 19, which is odd because the case doesn't captivate me anywhere nearly that much. From the third day when Mark Hacking's education lies came to light, I've posted mainly because it's happening in my hometown—the town where I was born, grew up, and am living again after two years in other cities—and because after I made the first couple of posts, I saw a lot of hits about it from search engines. I felt somewhat responsible for providing an easy reference for folks who may have stumbled over my site while searching for news or information about Lori Hacking.

Anyway, below the fold are clippings of two stories from the Salt Lake Tribune, along with links to the Tribune's reference section on the case.

If you know of any other good resources for Lori Hacking-related material, please post in the comments section so my archive will be as complete as possible.

Major developments in the Lori Hacking case

MONDAY, Aug. 2: Mark Hacking is booked into Salt Lake County Jail on suspicion of aggravated murder. The search for Lori's body will continue at the landfill later in the week.

SUNDAY, Aug. 1: After meeting with family members, police provide no new information on the search for Lori, except to say their efforts at the landfill will resume later in the week.

SATURDAY, July 31: The families of Mark and Lori Hacking send a mysterious fax to media outlets asking volunteers to stop searching, saying information they had received made searching 'unnecessary.' Police say they have 'no idea' what the husband told relatives.

FRIDAY, July 30: The families of Mark and Lori Hacking observe a day of fasting and prayer. Police and prosecutors weigh their options for the day Mark Hacking decides to check out of University Hospital. TV show Inside Edition airs a video made two days before Lori Hacking's disappearance, on which Mark lies about graduating from the University of Utah.

THURSDAY, July 29: Police suspend their search at the landfill to give the cadaver dogs a rest. Families of Lori and Mark Hacking ask the public to pray and fast for the search effort.

WEDNESDAY, July 28: Police search the landfill for a fourth time. State crime lab continues analyzing evidence from the Hackings apartment, including small amounts of blood. Mark Hacking remained in the University Neuropsychiatric Institute, and is in daily contact with his attorney, Gilbert Athay.

TUESDAY, July 27: Eight days after Lori Hacking was reported missing, the family holds out hope, but police actions show signs of a homicide investigation. Police limit their searching to areas of a two-acre section of the Salt Lake County landfill, using cadaver dogs.

MONDAY, July 26: Details emerge of how Lori Hacking may have learned of her husband's apparent duplicity. Defense lawyer Gilbert Athay is retained to represent Mark Hacking. Police follow leads on the husband's movements after Lori's disappearance.

SUNDAY, July 25: Hundreds attend an evening candlelight vigil for Lori Hacking at Memory Grove.

SATURDAY, July 24: Police retrieve a clump of hair from a trash bin near the South Salt Lake furniture store and submit it for forensic testing.

FRIDAY, July 23: Searchers expand their efforts into industrial areas around the Salt Lake Valley, including the regional landfill.

THURSDAY, July 22: Family members say they stand behind Mark and don't think his deception about medical school was related to Lori's disappearance. The family confirmed Mark was hospitalized after he had what they described as "a breakdown" the night of July 19. Police also say the husband was shopping for a new mattress at a South Salt Lake furniture store at about the same time he called police to report his wife had vanished.

WEDNESDAY, July 21: Mark and Lori Hacking1s shocked parents divulge Mark had not graduated from the University of Utah and was never accepted to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill medical school, as he had told them.

TUESDAY, July 20: More than 1,000 volunteers search City Creek Canyon. Police continue their search of the Hackings1 apartment,leaving with bagged items and a mattress box spring.

MONDAY, July 19: Mark Hacking reports his wife, Lori, missing, saying she did not return from her early-morning jog at Memory Grove at the mouth of City Creek Canyon in Salt Lake City.

Evidence is enough, police say

Investigation does not end with Mark Hacking's arrest

Mark Hacking is locked up and police say they have enough evidence to keep him that way.

But the investigation is far from over.

Lori Hacking remains missing, her body presumably under thousands of tons of garbage at the Salt Lake County landfill. And that gruesome image is something Salt Lake City police Chief Rick Dinse can't shake.

"The thought that her last resting place is a landfill is not a pleasant thought," Dinse said Monday. "And the thought she may have to stay there is something else we don't like to think about."

Regardless of what becomes of her daughter's body, a tearful Thelma Soares said she knows her family will one day be reunited in spirit.

"We will grieve for her and miss her until the day we die. But when that day finally arrives, we know with absolute certainty that she will be there with open arms to greet us, and our reunion as a family will be glorious," Soares wrote in a statement read by a family spokesman Monday evening.

Dinse promised to "exhaust all possibilities" to scour a 2-acre area of the landfill that contains the county's garbage from July 19—the day Mark Hacking told police his wife was missing. Cadaver dogs from Duchesne County will return to the landfill Wednesday night, though police warn the search may take months.

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