Burnt popcorn and flat warm Bud Light!
Trip to Denver, Day 4

THIS CLOSE to sleep

and the hotel's damned fire alarm starts squawking.

then a voice announcement on the p.a. system: "an alarm was triggered on the 5th floor. fire department has been notified and is responding. please stand by for further instructions."

we're on the 6th floor, and "stand by" means "don't leave your rooms yet," per the hotel operator.

a couple minutes later, another p.a. announcement: "fire dept. investigating the alarm. please stand by for further instructions."

another couple minutes: "the fire dept. has investigated the alarm on the 5th floor and the situation is under control. all areas are returned to normal status. thank you for your cooperation."

alarm stops, all quiet, but i'm wide awake now. i was JUST getting into bed when the squawker started, scared the shit out of me.

damned adrenaline.