THIS CLOSE to sleep
In the air: DAL 3892, DEN-SLC

Trip to Denver, Day 4

Back at the airport, waiting for our 20:27 flight to SLC on a CRJ50. We’re at gate C44 and concourse C is nearly empty—a couple airport employees here and there, a few other passengers on this flight in this waiting area, but otherwise there’s no one around.

We spent the morning and early afternoon at the gift show, making several final stops in various showrooms that had been too busy before now. Lunch at Wynkoop Brewing Company on 18th and Wynkoop—their RailYard Ale is a pretty tasty copper-colored ale, goes well with the cheesesteak and fries—and then we wandered up and down the 16th Street Mall briefly. Headed on I-25 to Northglenn to run a quick errand, and off we went to the airport to turn in the rental car, make our way through check-in and security, and get to the gate area 90 minutes ahead of our flight.

The woman who answered the phone at Wynkoop (we’d called to make sure they had outdoor seating) pronounced it WINE-koop, not WIN-koop as I’d expected. None of the other pub employees said the place’s name, however, and we forgot to ask about it while we were there. Any Denverites know if the long-I pronunciation is correct?

That’s all until SLC, then....