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Watch those dates

Here's a hint for your dairy-products consumption:

If your quart of milk has both a SELL BY date and a USE BY date printed on the bottle, pay attention to BOTH DATES.

I had some cereal yesterday morning. Took a quick look at the milk bottle, saw it was couple days past the date, didn't think a thing about it. It tasted okay, anyway, and in my experience that's been the best way to tell.

Only by midafternoon when I was experiencing stomach cramps from hell, along with some other less dainty effects, did I look at the bottle closely and see it was the USE BY date that was a few days ago. The SELL BY date was a week before that.

I poisoned myself. Most uncomfortable afternoon and evening, followed by a night of tossing and turning in between fitful periods of sleep.

I think I'll stay away from milk for a while now. Stick with the dried stuff for cooking, make it as I need it, no cereal for breakfast for who knows how long.

I'm still at that stage where when I feel like I have to burp, I get tense, because who knows what might happen.