Week 90: Unconscious Mutterings
Mark Hacking pleads 'not guilty'

A few days away

More randomness tonight. I’ve been up to my eyebrows in the point-of-sale register installation and inventory at the gift shop, and I haven’t felt much like writing anything when I’ve returned home each night. But tonight I’ve a few observations.

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The hospital runs mock cardiac-arrest drills now and then. When one of these drills occurs, the hospital operator makes an announcement over the P.A. system:

Mock Code Blue, [hospital location]. Mock Code Blue, [hospital location].

Today I was standing by the gift-shop door when that announcement came over and one of the hospital employees walking into the shop at that moment said, “That’s when all the nurses and docs make fun of the patient who’s arresting.”

I laughed for several minutes.

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To the ponytail-wearing Penn Jillette wannabe who stood next to the gift-shop door and asked in all seriousness, “Do you sell gifts here?”:

Hey dipshit, read the damned sign! And if that doesn’t clue you in, perhaps the fact that I was buried under a pile of brightly colored stuffed noise-making frogs might have been an indicator?

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The local Persons of Weather are all speaking in their Voices of Doom this week because of a series of storms we’ve had and will have through the weekend.

First the Persons speak of the wonder that is the record-setting precipitation we’ve had in the last week or so, and how the ground is so saturated that we’ll be fabulously set up for water supply next summer. But then they shift to the Cataclysmic Warble as they talk about the foot or two of snow expected in the mountains over the next few days, and the rain to come to the valley, and how horrible it’ll be for drivers and pedestrians and earthworms.

It’s sad their idiotic reporting styles end up being justified by the little spikes they see in their ratings.

:: • :: • :: • :: • ::

My PowerBook’s been wonky for several days now, flatly refusing to make any wireless network connections with my AirPort base station despite reboots and other standard troubleshooting tactics.

So I’ve added a notch to the “erase-and-reinstall” count on my desk. The laptop’s sitting on the desk next to me happily installing and updating system software and standard applications. Soon I’ll be restoring documents and other apps, and with luck I’ll be back to full functionality.

:: • :: • :: • :: • ::

My iTunes catalog’s song count jumped by nearly 1400 tunes in the last couple of months. I now have enough music that I can’t load all of it on my 30GB iPod at once; I have to pick’n’choose.

I remember when I first tried SoundJam many years ago. Thought I’d never get into digital music in a big way; too much trouble to buy CDs, rip them, find storage space for the digital files and for the CDs I’d still have floating around the house.

Then Apple launched the iTunes Music Store in April 2003 and I first made a purchase from it later that same month. And then I hadn’t bought a physical CD in nearly 18 months until I got Green Day’s American Idiot when I was in Seattle end of September.

I really should back up all those files to DVD or something. A drive failure could wipe out my entire musical life.

:: • :: • :: • :: • ::

My phone lets me record voice commands for certain functions, among them voice-dialing for hands-free operation. I have several contacts set up with voice commands but I didn’t know the phone would speak the name I recorded for each of those contacts when they called me.

It’s weird when my mom calls and my phone first says “Mom,” in my voice, before the phone even rings. Kinda weirds me out when I get calls from friends late at night.

:: • :: • :: • :: • ::

As the PowerBook updates continue, I’ve just had to click Agree 8 times in a row to proceed with several security and application updates.

I’ve never actually read the license agreements to which I so readily agree. For all I know, I could be agreeing to weekly enemas and/or the dissolution of the United Nations.

Now that I think about it, I know a few people who would readily agree to those terms.

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Off I go for a regular weekly pub visit. Happy hump day, everyone. :-)