Week 87: Unconscious Mutterings
Thank God, many of these seasonal suppliers are computerized

Let the Point-Of-Sale Preparation begin

Inventory, UPC/SKU/description/price files from suppliers, 10-key data entry from hell:

All of these add up to a few days' work to get the gift shop ready for the point-of-sale registers we'll be installing in the next couple of weeks.

We also have to teach the volunteers how to use the system, which will make their jobs easier (and their work more accurate) in the long run, but which will scare the shit out of them in the short run. I'd say that with one or two exceptions, all of the volunteers who staff the shop (shops, in fact; there's a small satellite shop in the Women's Pavilion) are 60 or over, and what computer experience they have is mostly from being near the registers at the grocery-store checkout counters.

Off I go then to the storeroom to catalog the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas items.