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Monday Madness: Sun 10/17/04

Did this for the first time back in August and then forgot about it completely until tonight.

  1. I have reformatted my hard drive about 15 times. Combined total for two computers over 4 years
  2. I usually reformat my hard drive about 2 times a year. Combined for the two computers
  3. When I'm working in a document, I save about every 5 minutes.
  4. I've upgraded my computer by adding RAM, hard drives, Bluetooth.
  5. I've got about 140 CDs/floppies with info on them and about 135 of them aren't labeled.
  6. Since I've been using my computer, I find the easiest way to organize my files is to create folders for every project or subject.
  7. I have 13 email accounts.
  8. Whenever I have a computer-related question, I usually call no one. I look things up online and nearly always figure out the answers myself.
  9. I usually use a search engine when looking for anything after guessing a URL doesn't work.
  10. My computer is about 4 years (desktop) and 10 months (laptop) old.