Now that I'm home and have nothing useful to say
Week 90: Unconscious Mutterings

Sunday Brunch: 10/24/04: Parents

  1. What do your parents do for a living?
    My mom runs a gift shop in a local hospital. No idea what my dad does.

  2. How old were your parents when you were born?
    Mom was 23, Dad 25.

  3. What is the most important lesson that you learned from your parents?
    A work ethic from my mom. From my dad, how not to be a bastard—just look at his examples and do exactly the opposite.

  4. What is the harshest discipline that you ever received from your parents?
    We got spanked if our behaviour warranted it. We learned we'd done wrong and so that didn't happen much.

  5. What is the thing that you are the most grateful to your parents for?
    Bringing me into the world, of course, but beyond that I've always been amazed by the support I've received from my mom through every part of my life. Now that my sister and I are adults, we're both good friends with our mom, and that's priceless.