Friday Forum: Random
Now that I'm home and have nothing useful to say

Sunday, randomized

I spent 9 hours today scanning merchandise in the gift shop in preparation for the POS conversion. I've never touched so many different candy bars and ceramic mugs in my life.

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My cats knocked my DVD player's remote control to the floor sometime overnight. The battery door came off and the two AA batteries are now just gone. I'm sure the two cats thought the batteries were just the best toys ever. I imagine I'll stumble over those batteries when I move out.

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Iggy's Sports Grill on 200 West at 700 South is a pretty good restaurant, but Alan, a server who's worked there 3 days (and by his own admission drank there a lot before he got a job there), is just terrible. There weren't enough servers for the crowd of Utah Utes football fans and World Series watchers, and Alan kept coming back to our table to tell us our beers were on the way, immediately after which he'd deliver drinks and/or food orders to nearby tables before stopping by our table again to tell us once more our beers were on the way.

We canceled three orders because of that, and he ended up short-charging us anyway to the tune of $10 on the $70 bill, further reducing his already meager tip.

I've never worked in a restaurant but I'm pretty sure I could manage to deliver a couple of pints to a table instead of repeatedly telling that table the beer is (eventually) coming.

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Jon Stewart slays me.

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That's all for now; time for dinner.