Let the Point-Of-Sale Preparation begin
Wednesday-night randomness

Thank God, many of these seasonal suppliers are computerized

I was staring at a sheaf of packing slips, probably 30 pages printed in various font sizes but easily representing a couple thousand different products—each with its own UPC, I'm sure—and dreading the data entry to come, when I called a couple of the suppliers and immediately received importable cross-referenced files of SKUs, UPCs, wholesale costs, and item descriptions.

My despair has turned to elation.

Now I go home to do what data entry I have to do for the items we sorted and prepared today. Many of these are smaller suppliers who don't have the ability to provide us with electronic item references, or don't know how to do it, or don't speak English well enough for me to explain what I'm asking them to provide.

Another argh....