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Veterinarian Day

Annie and Flex had their first post-animal-shelter veterinary visits today. They both did really well, even considering that I set up the appointment for my two cats and my mom's three Siamese cats all at once, since they were all due for boosters of one kind or another.

Stacks of cat carriers for the herd: Annie and Flex in the two small carriers at left, Sam in the upper right carrier, Porky and Wart in the lower right
Annie is 6 months old, a month older than the shelter folks estimated. She weighs 4lbs 13oz, far below the 7lbs on all the pre-adoption paperwork the shelter gave me. She's in wonderful health but will be taking a short course of amoxicillin to clear up a minor bacterial infection she got after her cold last month, and she got a single-treatment dose of Revolution to protect her from Flex's ear mites.

Flex is 9 months, right on the estimate the shelter folks gave me. He's 7lbs right on, a pound below the 8lbs listed on all the shelter paperwork. He got a single-treatment dose of Revolution for ear mites and is on a week-long (or so) course of a couple of drugs to clear up an intestinal-parasite problem (giardia and spirochetes).

Each of them got a distemper booster as well, and neither even twitched when the vet gave the injections. I was pleased, because Annie nearly had a stroke when the shelter folks injected her ID chip last month. The needle for the chip injections is much larger gauge, of course, but still, I was waiting for the yowlings to start and nothing happened.

My mom's cats all reacted in their usual ways. Sam, the oldest Siamese (and mother to the other two), is in fact Satan wrapped up in an adorable-looking fur coat. She was tensed the entire time but didn't draw any blood from the vet or the technicians when they took a blood sample to screen for several problems that might explain her 30% weight loss over the last couple of years. Porky and Wart each took their exams and treatments in stride; in fact Wart, usually the nervous nelly of the bunch, didn't seem all that perturbed, but he did rush back into the carrier at the end of his exam.

All five cats resumed their normal activities when they got home, and we went out for a couple pitchers of beer. :-)

Have a good weekend!