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Wednesday-night randomness

If you use Safari's built-in Google search, but you goof and hit Enter immediately after you've typed the letter a that was to be the first letter of the first word of your three-word search term, you get 3.61 billion hits.

It only took 0.32 seconds, though.

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I found today that my PowerBook's battery will last close to 5 hours when I'm using the screen dimmed and don't have AirPort active (and that was hard, because there were two open wireless networks in the medical office building, and I really wanted to load up

I was pleased, because "up to 5 hours" is part of Apple's marketing of the machine, but the highest I'd ever seen before was 3.5 hours at full brightness and with AirPort operating the entire time.

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I was going to scribble a few more random thoughts, but Phil just called and I'm off to our regular Wednesday-night pub crawl. Have a great evening and night. :-)