Sunday Brunch: Furniture
Week 89: Unconscious Mutterings

Weekly Bit: 10/17/04: A Bit About Your Average Day

Another forever-since-I-did-this.

  1. What is the first hour of your day like? What do you do when you wake up?
    Brush my teeth, shower, get dressed. Pretty calm since I rarely have to be anywhere at any particular time right now.

  2. What do you do during the course of the day? Are you always busy? Or are you able to take time out and 'smell the flowers' so to speak?
    Lately been working on the gift shop's point-of-sale register insanity, and some stuff for the lab in WA. It's time-consuming but not INSTANT DEADLINE, so the days are full but I don't feel rushed.

  3. What is your evening like? Do you go to bed early? Late? How do you relax?
    I usually spend a couple nights out with friends every week. Otherwise I may turn on the stereo, catch up on news, play with my cats, do stuff around the house, whatever grabs my attention. I go to bed when I feel tired.

This week there's a word-association section too, similar to Unconscious Mutterings:

  • apple:pie
  • blue:screen
  • pie:crust
  • rug:cut
  • fall:colors
  • boy:scout
  • mean:average
  • open:sore
  • hamper:prevent