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Wish list for TiVo

In the 10 months I’ve had a TiVo Series2 DVR, I’ve often thought of a few improvements that I’d certainly welcome. In no particular order; I’ve numbered them for easy reference later on:

  1. Give the Season Pass feature more flexibility to deal with slight overages or shortages on recording times. The Season Pass function now gives you the ability to start a recording up to 10 minutes before a show’s scheduled time, and to end the recording up to 3 hours past the scheduled time. Why can’t I start a recording any minutes late or end it early?
  2. More Season Pass ire: Don’t consider a single minute of overlap grounds for canceling an entire recording. Best example: My Season Pass for NBC’s ER is set at a higher priority than my Pass for CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. However, NBC schedules ER to start at 20:59, and CSI ends at 21:00. The one minute of overlap results in a cancellation of the entire CSI recording, because the ER Season Pass has the higher priority. This would be easily solved by the ability to adjust start and end times both ahead and back (see 1 above), but as it is I can’t record both shows because I’m not allowed to make adjustments that would accommodate them.
  3. Playback: How about “playlists,” as it were, so I can set up several shows to play back in a row without further intervention? This would be handy for the times I let a few weeks’ episodes of something pile up, and then have a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon to catch up on them.
  4. Season Passes again: How about a “pause” function so I can turn a Pass off for a period of time? If I’m traveling or just don’t want to record a particular Pass for a period of days or weeks, it’d be nice if I could just select “Suspend this Season Pass.” Now, I have to go into the To Do list and cancel each episode’s recording entry, or cancel the Season Pass entirely and recreate it later.
  5. Let me adjust the font size of the TiVo service’s information screens. It’d be nice to see more items in lists or whatever. Easy enough: Let me choose a smaller font size. My eyes aren’t bad enough that I need inch-high letters everywhere.
  6. Season Passes again: Give me the option to set up a Pass that isn’t channel-specific. If I choose a show on channel 4, the ABC affiliate, but that show is also broadcast on channel 28, the ABC Family affiliate, I have to have a Pass set for each channel in order to get them both. I can also use a title WishList, but that’s not obvious and in any case it may match shows I don’t really want.

Any TiVo users who stumble over this have any other ideas? I’d be fascinated to know what functions or improvements other TiVo owners consider important.