Week 92: Unconscious Mutterings
The Registers

POS Hell, Week 2

Tonight's gift-shop volunteer is picking up on the register operation pretty quickly. She was absent last week, and the woman who was here is on a leave of absence through Thanksgiving at least, so instead of being here to help with any questions I'm here training a new person once more.

The ladies on the morning and midday shifts did all right but they thought too much. If they'd just relax and use the little cheater cards we prepared, and not think so hard about the possibility that they might make a mistake at some point ever in the rest of their lives, they'd be fine.

And I arrived at 11:15 today, instead of at 7:30 or 8:00 like last week. So it's been a shorter day. All in all, not so hellish, even if I am less patient this week.

Only two more weeks and then off to Seattle for the holiday, woo hoo....

::count seconds::