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Thanksgiving craziness

Happy Thanksgiving!

We got an early start to the day's Enormous Meal prep by cleaning our fresh (Never Frozen!) Butterball turkey and dunking it into a Home Depot blinding-orange 5-gallon bucket with the brine I prepared last night.

We did this while fighting off the aggressive advances of Buto, a young female Siamese cat experiencing her first Thanksgiving. This cat has a taste for nearly any food; your hands are in danger anytime you unwrap anything in plastic, whether it be food or not, because in true Pavlovian style the sound alone is enough to set off Buto's hunting instincts.

She talks a lot too. MEOW MROW ROWR and so on as she stalks the countertops seeking sustenance, because she's so underfed.

Anyway. The bird's brining, we're about to have breakfast while we relax and enjoy the day and read the newspaper and marvel over the absurdly early hours many stores have advertised for tomorrow, the looniest shopping day of the year.

We're staying miles away from any and all malls and shopping centers for the remainder of the weekend.

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season. :-)