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Friday Forum: In the Bedroom

  1. How is your master bedroom decorated? (Tell us about the wall color, your bedding, wall hangings, what type of furniture you have, etc.)
    My bed takes up most of the space. One bedside table with a lamp in the corner by the bathroom door; an unoccupied plant stand in the northwest corner by the window; and a corner-style entertainment unit for a TV, VCR, stereo components in the southwest window corner. The southeast corner is behind the bedroom door so nothing there.

    The walls are a kind of light beige of some sort—I'm sure there's some charming name for the color, but I've no idea what it is—in fact, the same color as the walls throughout the townhouse.

    I haven't put up any pictures or anything because, well, I'm a gimp that way.

    How did you decide on your bedroom decor? (Feel free to share a photo with us if you'd like.)
    By plunking furniture down and not rushing to hang anything (pictures, posters, whatever). Pretty spartan.

  2. What size bed do you have? Is it a waterbed or a regular bed?
    King regular bed. I don't care for waterbeds much.

    Do you prefer lots and lots of pillows, or do you have just a few?
    I keep two pillows on the bed and use one of them but it tends to get pushed out of the way during the night.

    What's lurking underneath your bed?
    Amazingly enough, nothing right now. Every once in a while I find one of my cats under there.

    Do you have anything at the foot of your bed?

  3. Do you normally fall asleep quickly, or does it take you a while?
    There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to how long it takes. Some nights I'll be out immediately, others it may be an hour or more. I rarely go to bed before I actually feel sleepy so I haven't figured out why the big variations in timing.

    Do you like to fall asleep to some kind of background noise, or do you prefer an absolutely quiet room?
    I like drifting off to music, very relaxing.

    How did you sleep last night?
    Very well. I dropped off quickly and slept straight through to my phone alarm at 07:00.

    Do you prefer a completely dark room or some kind of nightlight?
    When I'm really accustomed to the room's layout, I like darkness, but I don't mind light at all. I usually keep one night light so I don't kill myself if I should have to get up during the night for any reason, but in my townhouse the parking-lot lights behind my house shine a bit through the blinds no matter what, so I have no trouble seeing at night.

  4. Do you have any pets who sleep with you?
    Two cats; they come and go at will during the night.

    Do you find that you move around a lot during the night, or do you tend to sleep in the same spot?
    I usually stay in the same general space on the bed but I change position a lot.

    Do you have a preferred position for sleeping (i.e., on your stomach, on your left side, on your back)?
    On my stomach in winter, on my back in summer.

  5. Would you say that your bedroom closet, dresser, etc. are organized?
    Mildly so. Floor's a bit cluttered with shoes but everything else is pretty well organized.

    Do you fold/hang up your clothes in any certain order/system?
    I hang all my shirts except t-shirts and a couple of sweaters and long-sleeved shirts. Jeans and socks go in the dresser drawers.

    Do you have anything other than clothes and shoes in your bedroom closet? (Feel free to snap a picture if you'd like!)
    Right now I have a plastic storage box of random Lego bricks, the entirety of my collection from my childhood and teen years. I also keep my hamper in there.

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