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Good Saturn of Lynnwood experience, for a change

Had a scheduled-maintenance appointment at Saturn of Lynnwood this afternoon. It was time for my car's 51,000-mile maintenance routine and I needed them to check into the worsening headlight-dimming problem the car has exhibited since I took delivery in October 2001.

My appointment was at 11:45. I arrived a few minutes late and they got me right in. I planned to leave the car because I dropped it off during my lunch break; Katharine picked me up and we met a few other friends for lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory in Lynnwood. I'd asked the Saturn folks to call me when the car was ready because I figured they'd need at least a few hours to do electrical checks.

Shawna (not sure of spelling) called about 16:45 with good news and with neutral news: The scheduled maintenance was done, everything looked great. However, the electrical checks had yielded nothing, and the national customer-care folks at Saturn World HQ in Spring Hill, TN still haven't figured out a fix for the dimming-headlights problem, about which they've received a few hundred complaints from L-Series sedan owners. So I'm not alone in this problem but that only means there are a bunch of us waiting for a fix.

All in all, I was happy with today's experience. Quickly in and out both at drop-off and at pickup, and my car is now sparkly clean inside and out, in addition to being lubed and oiled and otherwise expertly maintained. And they called to let me know how things were going, which was my chief complaint before. (See previous: Saturn of Lynnwood continues abominable service record (12/24/03), Saturn of Lynnwood feels slighted by my web site (01/24/04).)

Nice job for the local team. Now to get the national folks to figure out and fix the headlight problem once and for all....