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Hazardous-materials spill in Salt Lake City

Links to the several articles I've seen about the spill which was discovered early Sunday morning. Hazmat crews experienced hours of confusion and frustration as varying sources disagreed over the exact content of the leaking rail car, and at least 6,000 residents of nearby neighborhoods were evacuated when an orange plume of fumes arose from the site. The spill also forced closure of I-15, the main north-south arterial, for most of the day.

Article links below the cut.

First, the story I first saw via email from my sister Katharine: Toxic chemical spill forces thousands to evacuate

Then two articles from The Salt Lake Tribune:

  1. First article (shot through with typos, argh) posted Mon 03/07 02:27 MST: Toxic spill fuels scare

  2. Update article posted Mon 03/07 09:59 MST: Update: Evacuated residents return, as toxic chemical spill investigation continues

Finally, a Deseret Morning News story: Thousands flee toxic leak (this story claims the evacuations totaled nearly 8,000)

The Trib's story links fail after about 14 days, when the content moves to their paid-access archive. I may grab excerpts of the stories sometime this week and update this post accordingly.