Unreliable SMS and email from the phone, apparently
Young boy dies on Epcot attraction

A hint: Don’t drive over bottles of water

Particularly not when you’re parked next to police cars, and absolutely not when the officers are standing by their parked cars.

That’s when you spray the officers with water from the bottle over which you drove as you’re backing out of your parking space at Starbucks Mill Creek Town Center, and you all freeze in stunned disbelief while you ponder

  • whether to drive away at high speed to avoid being seen laughing, if civilian
  • whether to draw your weapon and blaze away at the impertinent civilian, if police

I’m sure blazing away didn’t actually cross his mind, but I know the high-speed driving did cross mine.

Anyway, his hand didn’t go for his holster. It went for his face, to wipe the drops of water away, and he burst into laughter.

Or it could have been a heart attack or stroke, I guess. By then I was driving away.

Maybe I should just stop drinking coffee I don’t make at home, or find another coffeehouse between home and work.

That Starbucks is bad.