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Another boy missing in the Utah mountains

Brennan Hawkins, an 11-year-old Boy Scout, went missing over the weekend; still no sign of him.

Salt Lake Tribune article excerpt below the cut. This is another story about which I hadn't planned to post, but the vast numbers of hits I'm getting on searches for "missing boy Utah" or the like lead me to post a link and excerpt so people can find what they want.

UPDATE 10:21: Added a Deseret Morning News story link and excerpt.

UPDATE 13:39: The search effort now has a web site:

Salt Lake Tribune: Mystery deepens: Thousands turn out to scour forest for Brennan Hawkins
Hopes continue, but some fear the worst for lost boy

By Matthew D. LaPlante
The Salt Lake Tribune

A sense of bewilderment is growing among searchers in the Uintas.

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Camp not considered especially hazardous
This is not overly rugged terrain. The weather is warm and appears unlikely to drop below freezing any time soon.

This land—used by Boy Scouts for generations—is filled with roads and trails, and having sustained a large fire a few years back is not overgrown.

So why, searchers lamented Sunday as the sun set over the evergreen-lined horizon, has there been no sign of Brennan Hawkins?

"It's hard to imagine what could have happened," says Richard Conte as he sits in the shadow of the climbing tower where the 11-year-old Scout—the second to have disappeared in these mountains in less than a year—was last seen Friday afternoon.
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Deseret Morning News: 3,000 scour mountains for missing boy

By Angie Welling
Deseret Morning News

MIRROR LAKE HIGHWAY, Summit County—On foot, horseback and wheels, from the air and in the water, searchers continued Sunday with their massive hunt for an 11-year-old boy missing since Friday.

Volunteer searchers are being asked to help again today.

Of particular concern in the search for Brennan Hawkins is the fast-moving waters of the Bear River, where at least two swift-water dive teams from Utah and Wyoming—and several volunteer kayakers—focused their efforts Sunday while more than 3,000 others scoured the dense mountainside for any sign of the missing Bountiful boy.

"The river is extremely high right now. It's moving much faster than it usually does and it's moved beyond its banks," Summit County Sheriff Dave Edmunds said.

The river cuts through the center of the Bear River Boy Scout camp, where Brennan was last seen about 5 p.m. Friday near a climbing wall amid some 1,500 other Scouts. Brennan was climbing with a friend, but the two became separated when the other boy answered the call of the dinner bell while Brennan struggled with his harness, Edmunds said.

Brennan sought help from a 16-year-old counselor who was helping another boy nearby, Edmunds said, but by the time the older boy was ready to help him, Brennan was gone and the harness was lying on the ground.

At its closest point, the swollen Bear River is just 50 yards from the camp, according to Edmunds.

"What's disconcerting to me is that we have a large river running straight through the camp," the sheriff said Sunday.

He was careful to note, however, that officials are looking at the river as just one possibility, saying there is no evidence Brennan had been in the water.