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Big earthquake off coast of northern California

Just saw on CBSNews.com the beginning national news coverage; I've excerpted their story below.

Quake off northern CA coast
Map of quake's location
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U.S. Geological Survey event-information page, with maps and technical data.

CBSNews.com: Quake Hits Off California Coast

(CBS/AP) The U.S. Geological Service is reporting that a major earthquake has struck off the coast of northern California.

According to the USGS, the Tuesday night quake measured 7.0 on the Richter scale and was located about 90 miles west-southwest of Crescent City, Calif., and about 300 miles northwest of Sacramento.

There is no word yet on any injuries or property damage.

A tsunami warning is in effect from the California-Mexico border north to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

CBS News Station KCBS reports residents of Crescent City are being evacuated from low-lying areas.

Stuart Weinstein, a geologist at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, says that if the quake does cause a tsunami, it is not expected to be as strong as the Dec. 26 killer wave in the Indian Ocean.

"We're not expecting anything huge from an event this size," adds Charles McCreery, the center's director.

Scientists were waiting for signs of any powerful ocean waves to reach tide gauges placed up and down the West Coast, Weinstein said.

"We're monitoring our sea gauges pretty carefully," he said.