What if they had used fake vampire fangs?
Swell, my new vehicle may try to kill me

Busy weekend ahead

Planning to attend two big events this weekend.

Summer Brewfest logo, swiped from Brewers Guild web siteSaturday we'll be spending the day at the NWSource.com Summer Brewfest in Kenmore's St. Edward State Park. 100+ microbrews along with crafts and live music and such, can't go wrong.

Right? :-)

I've been to this festival a couple times before and usually ended up sunburned and drunk, the whole yin/yang thing going on. Katharine's playing the part of Designated Driver (they offer a discounted admission ticket to the DDs, along with free soft drinks), so we can stay as sober or get as wobbly as we want. Should be a blast even if there is a bit of rain here and there.

Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation logoSunday brings the Edmonds Arts Festival. I'm a complete whore for arts festivals but I'd never heard about this one until, oh, two weeks or so ago, when I stumbled over it somewhere online. Anyway, Edmonds is a nice little town on Puget Sound and one of my favorite waterfront restaurants, Rory's, is located there, right by the Edmonds-to-Kingston ferry terminal. The Edmonds Arts Festival is a few blocks east on Main Street, right in the heart of the small quaint downtown area. I'm pleased also to see that Jim Nilsen's photography will be featured on the festival's branded apparel items and that he's been accepted into the Edmonds festival's juried gallery; I really like his photography, bought a couple of his prints last year at the Utah Arts Festival.

And Sunday's weather is supposed to be nicer, at least according to the radio newswonks. Wunderground's forecast shows "chance of rain" for the next several days, but the local weatherweenies are saying the chance of rain should fade through Saturday with Sunday looking decent all day.

So maybe Monday I'll come to work emitting visible hangover rays while my skin peels off in sheets.

Must add sunblock to my grocery list....