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Driving to the Olympic Peninsula today

How times change

I'm not a fan of boxing. I don't get excited by news of the next big bout, don't know who the heavyweight champion is right now, never paid to see a match on television or otherwise.

The names I do recognize from the boxing world are the newsmakers, and few of those anymore.

So I was surprised and amused to see: Iron deficiency
Tyson takes loss sitting down, says he's done fighting

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The end came for Mike Tyson while he was sitting on a stool. The fighter who was once the baddest man on the planet wanted no more.

Looking more like a pathetic, aging fighter than the man who once terrorized the heavyweight division, Tyson's career more than likely ended Saturday night when he quit after the sixth round after desperately trying to foul his way to a win against Kevin McBride.

Nineteen years after he became the youngest heavyweight champion ever, Tyson's stamina, speed and ring skills weren't even enough to beat an Irish journeyman who has never beaten a heavyweight of any note.

How the times have changed; I didn't even know he was in a match, and what came to mind immediately was what Big News! Tyson's fights used to be. And not just the fights themselves; the hype leading to the bouts was just as great.

Not that I'm the barometer by which sports newsworthiness is determined, certainly. But I find it telling that the man who once was a worldwide newsmaker is now even in news coverage such a complete afterthought.