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It's like crack

My cable Internet connection's been flaky all night, and it's driving me up the goddamned wall.

In the summer months I tend to be online a lot less anyway when I'm at home. I usually have the stereo on while I do other things around the house, or I'll catch up on a DVD or read or walk the neighborhood or I'm out with friends, whatever, but the computer doesn't get as much use this time of year.*

But tonight my Internet connection was interrupted, so much of the night I've been fixated on getting online. It's been spotty at best and it's driving me nuts.

It's stabilized in the last 30 minutes (knock on wood). Which is good because I'm trying out iTunes 4.9 and its podcasting features, and if I get one more "download interrupted" or "network connection timed out" indication I'm going to have to kill something.

And the cable modem's looking like a good target about now.

* This may be the first year I'm in this habit, in all actuality. Last summer I was out of work so I was home more in the day but at night I still tended to be away from my computers and out of the house.