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Latter Days (unrated version) (2003)

Queer as Folk: Season 4: Disc 1 (2004)

DVD cover: Queer as Folk: Season 4Following the journeys of a group of gay friends and lovers living in Pittsburgh with mature stories about the challenges of same-sex parenting, discrimination, AIDS/HIV, cancer and morality. This disc had the first three episodes of the season and covered Brian’s debt troubles and the possible loss of his lifestyle; Ted’s rehab and reactions to his friends on his release; the custody fight over Hunter, the young hustler who’d been staying with Michael and Ben; Brian’s decision to open his own advertising agency; and Justin’s entry into the Pink Posse, a vigilante group determined to stop hate crimes against gays and lesbians.

My take:

It’s been over a year since I saw an episode of QaF—I rented the Season 3 discs from Netflix in April 2004 while I was in AZ—and I was afraid I might not remember where things had left off, but no such trouble at all. A few minutes in to the first episode and I was caught up. The show is largely exactly what I remember: Seems like realistic (if sometimes campy or overwrought) story lines and characters, moves at a brisk but easily followed pace, holds my attention very well.

The one thing that most irritates me about the DVDs is they don’t offer a “play all” option. Drives me absolutely insane to have to grab up the remote every 45 minutes or so and fumble through their dipshit menu structure to move from episode to episode.