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Seattle Times headline confusion

One of the things that annoys me about The Seattle Times' web site is their sometimes jarringly mismatched headlines and story snippets.

Typically this happens with their "digest" stories, which summarize several shorter or less-detailed stories for a designated part of the Seattle metro area—say, the Eastside or Snohomish County—under a single headline that itself summarizes a single of the included stories.

Sat 06/04/05: Seattle Times TOC headline confusion
Typical example of headline/content mismatch in Seattle Times' digest stories
In today's paper, the Local Digest summary's headline reads "Man shot to death in apartment" but the story snippet on the news index page (all that day's stories linked from a single contents page) is a different story altogether, though still death-related unfortunately.

When you view the story digest itself, the headline is in fact related to the first story included.

I'm not sure why they don't summarize the story that's headlined in the digest on the TOC page. Not that the mild confusion such headline/story mismatches generate is in any way earth-shaking, but it makes me think their web-site design is clumsy or inattentive.