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This Is Broken - ATM language choice

From This Is Broken, "A project to make businesses more aware of their
customer experience, and how to fix it":

Broken: ATM language choice

Why does my ATM ask me what language I speak?
Why doesn't it know?
Why doesn't it remember next time?

Hear hear. And why can't I specify one time that I don't want receipts for the $40 "quick cash" transactions?

For that matter, why do ATMs offer receipts at all? Most people leave them behind, in my experience anyway. I usually end up throwing away the receipt from the previous transaction when I arrive at the ATM. Doubtful if anyone could steal your money with the info on the receipt, but if they're going to ask about it, why not ask if you WANT one and make the preference stick while offering a (non-intrusive) way to change the pref on single transactions later?

I won't even start on the rapacious fee structures.

Silly banks.