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Harry + Max (unrated) (2004)

Netflix summary:

Two brothers, 23-year-old Harry and 16-year-old Max, who also happen to be pop singing stars, embark on a camping trip together for some quality bonding time. Harry’s boy band career is on the slide, while Max is a rising teen icon. During their trip, they hope to come to terms with their dysfunctional family past... but in the process, they begin to have feelings for each other that redefines the term brotherly love.

My take:

Harry and Max (unrated) (2004)This was another Netflix recommendation and will likely be the last for a while to come.

It struck me as an amateurish effort from the get-go. I’ve never put much stock in film festivals and the fact that this movie apparently garnered any praise at Sundance leaves me with even less faith in festivals and the people behind them. Overall, a wasted effort with a muddled story line and mediocre acting at best. And the two lead actors were absolutely unbelievable as boy-band pop stars, mainly because neither could sing.

Michelle Phillips must’ve been pretty hard up to consider appearing in this turkey.