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Hint for you search users out there

When you search for something at, say, Google, best to click the links to the sites in the results and read a bit before you ask silly questions via IM:

Search Goofball (17:33:47): do you have backpacks at bartell?
Beldin (17:34:00): I don't work at Bartell
Search Goofball (17:34:06): oh
Beldin (17:35:27): What made you think I work there?
Search Goofball (17:35:35): your website
Beldin (17:35:55): That I complained about their service made you think I work there?
Search Goofball (17:36:05): i didnt read the letter
Beldin (17:36:25): Ah ha... yeah, that would be a good idea, to read the search result and not just see that it includes the term you're looking for
Search Goofball (17:36:43): ok?
Beldin (17:37:14): Anyway, good luck finding out what you need there.