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I'm twisted


HUGE FUCKING SPIDERI was preparing for bed when I heard my cat Buto do her cute little "I am chasing something with a lot of legs" meow. Normally I don't investigate because by the time I get to her she has eaten said something. However tonight I was sitting on the toilet and just outside the bathroom I saw something scurry across the floor followed by Buto. Fezzik came shortly. I finished my business and quickly grabbed some toilet paper to take care of said something. When I moved the shoe that was sitting in front of Buto out crawled a HUGE FUCKING SPIDER. Buto got all excited and started chasing it into the bathroom. My first thought was "shit - how am I going to catch or kill that thing?" Then of course I thought "Where is my camera?." The whole time trying to keep Buto away because I am relatively sure after this weekend's visit to the Victoria Bug Zoo that I have a Cat-Eating Spider in my apartment. I grabbed the camera a nice pair of tweezers for size comparison. Next I tried to think of something I could catch it in. The only available item was my Q-tip® container. I quickly dumped the Q-tips® and proceeded to cover the spider and put the lid on. Cat-eating spider is now outside on my patio. I would have taken it out further except for the fact that I had only a very short t-shirt on for this little event. The really funny thing is that at the Victoria Bug Zoo I had no problem picking up various bugs, but it seems so different when they just appear in your apartment instead of being removed from a very nice cage. Please note that the tweezers in the picture are about 2" long. I am now going to sleep where I am sure that I will have spider nightmares.

Sleep well everyone.