I just had an odd experience involving a restroom, my boxer-briefs, and the fortune I received after lunch at the Chinese restaurant
West Point Seattle from my Kite

I didn't think I was afraid of the dark

And then I set my TiVo to catch the premiere episode of Supernatural on The WB, and in the first few minutes the following things happened.

  1. On-screen, a woman ended up pinned to a ceiling and bursting into flame.
  2. Off-screen, Annie jumped into my lap at the moment the on-screen woman screamed in utter absolute horror.
  3. Off-screen, I nearly leapt bodily through the wall behind me into the townhouse to the north.
  4. On-screen, a commercial rolled.
  5. Off-screen, I attempted to defibrillate and then foolishly continued the episode.

There's a reason I hate horror movies. The tension works way the hell too damned well on me. All I need is a bit of atmospheric music, a little darkness or obscure lighting or weird camera angle, BAM my psyche leaps into overdrive and I go into fight-or-flight mode. Mostly flight, in fact. I hate horror movies. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate them.

So I figured I'd give this show a try, at least the one episode, and just be sure to watch it in daylight. Because, you know, what evile lurks at night can't do anything bad in the light, and then the damned cats scared the shit out of me.

And then the sun actually went down and now I've been in various parts of the house in darkness and my skin crawls even though I know nothing's going to happen, but there's that sense of "What if...?" anyway.

And the cats are doing everything in their power to keep me uptight. Knocking plants off counters, sending their toys rolling down the stairs, sneaking up on me to be loved, etc.

Little bastards.