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Good, they won

I hope the Mariners win tonight

Not because I'm a huge Mariners fan, nor because it would mean two wins in a row and they'd be in position to sweep the three-game series. Not even because the Mariners' 62-81 record mirrors their opponents' 81-62.

No, it's because they're playing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, a team with easily the stupidest name in the history of sport. Why two cities in the team's name? They wanted to play in Anaheim but be a Los Angeles team?

I find it amusing that in the SMS score updates I receive, they're called the L.A. Angels, and their official web site's address is just—most other teams' MLB sites incorporate the teams' cities into the web-site address—and its title is Los Angeles Angels : The Official Site but the team's full name apparently has to be given during broadcasts and the like.

It must be the lawyers working the strings in the background.