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Just call me Squinty

I was going to write my Victoria BC travelogue tonight, but I find myself unable to focus closer than about 75 feet due to this afternoon's eye exam complete with field-of-vision test and dilation for pressure check and blindness-inducing.

Damn, those are some bright freakin' lights they use, even when your eyes can adjust properly. But then they give you the anaesthetic drops that sting going in—and just what freaking evile is that, pain-reducing medication that hurts when applied?—so they can press an ophthalmic instrument DIRECTLY AGAINST YOUR EYEBALL to take a pressure reading, and then they give you the dilator drops to open your eyes to The Beauty of All Light In the World at Once!, and then they bring out the bright lights again to have a close look at your retinas and you squint and pull back and your eyes water a freakin' RIVER because, well, hell, your pupils can't constrict to protect your retinas from bright lights.

There's a reason they call it practicing medicine, that much is certain.

So yeah, the travelogue will have to wait, because while I type well enough and I'm reasonably certain this has few or no typos, the concentration's making what vision I do have go all wonky and I don't think I can be witty and charming and write favorably of the fantastic time we had over the Labor Day weekend in my current state of mind.

I'll do it tomorrow, or maybe not. And I'll post some photos, or also maybe not. Right now, however, I need to turn this screen way down so my eyes will stop with the wailing.

Figures, I can't see anything close to my face so of course now is when I really want to read.