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Vending-machine Stupidity Zen

So I was in the break room at the Coke machine, feeding it change to get a Diet Coke because while I've been very good about not drinking DC for the last couple of weeks, the last two days I've been not so good.

Dropped in two quarters and a dime and then the stupid machine absolutely WOULD NOT ACCEPT the final nickel, despite six or seven tries. So I whipped out another quarter, figured I'd deal with the small amount of change I'd get back.

Then I remembered the cost for a beverage is 60¢ and the machine was patiently refusing my nickel because, well, it didn't need it, and would just return it to me as change anyway, so why accept it?

The lab folk who were in the break room enjoyed this spectacle immensely, mainly because I called myself "numbnuts" as I explained why I was close to destroying the machine in rage when the light bulb went off.

So glad it's Friday.