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Surveying the carnage

Weekend, compressed

I was going to scribble up this mildly amusing entry in which I talked about our whirlwind day trip to Portland to help our friend Michelle and her family move from a three-bedroom apartment in one complex to a three-bedroom townhouse in the complex directly east, due to a lease brouhaha with a dog. And how I dropped my end of a 400-pound 35" (or thereabouts) television, to the collective shocked gasp of everyone in the room, but it was okay in the end and no crushed toes. And how Shannae is afraid of bats and the trees directly behind their house are the type bats love to roost.

I was going to mention all those things and more but I've a weird throbbing headache which I believe is a combination of these new glasses and that we drove to Portland from 06:00-09:30 yesterday and returned from Portland from 22:00-01:30 last night/this morning.

I hate headaches.