Golden Gardens sunset 3
This has to be a record

won't someone think of the filters

This weekend brought a lot of doing nothing, including not writing up my Victoria travelogue (my conscience is nibbling at me about that, why I've no clue), but it did feature a lot of coffee.

Niagara Falls: American Falls
American Falls in autumn, snorked from Info Niagara
On with the coffee. Refill the coffee. Keep sippin' the coffee.

Oh, the coffee.

I used up the last of my Seattle's Best Seattle's Best Blend® (damn that's redundant) half-pounder yesterday morning—it made an 8-cup pot, which was unexpected, but I downed the whole thing over a six-hour period—and today I had four cups with breakfast at Queen Anne Café starting at 10:00, followed by a tall white-chocolate mocha and then a grande drip at the Tully's across the street.

It was only at 14:00 that I finally had to use the restroom and since then it's been goddamned Niagara Falls every hour on the hour.

I loves me social coffee. :-)