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Flickr photo sharing: Disney Pirate Planks
Disney Pirate Planks
Flickr: Blazenhoff
Back in June I scribbled up a quick “buh?” about a new line of fish sticks released under a Disney brand.

Today at 08:42, that post received two hits from a Google search on pirate planks.

Ten minutes later, I got an email:

From: Wendy White <[email protected]>
To: Don Nunn
Date: Fri Sep 02, 2005 08:52:40 AM PDT
Subject: Food Critic Comments

Attachments: PR- APS DisSeafood Product Reviews-2005-09-01.pdf


Here’s an article that may help with your previous comments about our products, “What evile is this? Disney-branded fish sticks? gah!”

These products were produced to get kids interested in eating seafood at an early age, due to health benefits and recommendations by the Federal Government with the new Food Pyramid.

<<PR- APS DisSeafood Product Reviews-2005-09-01.pdf>>


Marketing & Media Relations
American Pride Seafoods
19518 Alabama Hwy 69N
PO Box 436
Greensboro AL 36744-5263
Imagine the Possibilities . . . Catch the Excitement!
American Pride Seafoods, Southern Pride Catfish and Frionor

The attachment is a press release noting the favorable comments received on these products from some food journalists out of Connecticut and describing the product’s full lineup, including the Pirate Planks I noted previously with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell; fish nuggets coated in cheddar-flavor crumbs with Mickey Mouse on the box; and Lilo & Stitch hawking an absolutely yuh-huh-hummy-sounding pizza-flavored “fish wedge” concoction.

The release was written yesterday; their PR folks are in overdrive apparently.

All I know is, they sold me just fine. I gotta get me some pizza-flavored fish wedges toot sweet.