...though not so bad after all, 90 minutes later
Happy Thanksgiving

McMenamins evening

One thing I like about the holidays is the absolute lack of concrete demands on my time.

Katharine and I are driving to Portland tomorrow to spend the holiday with our friends Michelle and Shannae and their family. We’re planning to leave the Seattle area at 09:00, which is fine as a general idea but is in no way an absolutely required make-or-break deadline. We chose 09:00 because, barring insane traffic, we’d arrive in the Portland at 12:30 or so, which would give us a few hours of hanging-out time before the big holiday meal in the later afternoon. But if we arrive earlier or later, no big deal.

Tonight, after I had left work and returned home for a bit and driven into Seattle to drop off a loaf pan and camera for Julie Anne, I was making my way north along I-5 toward home and the one load of laundry waiting for me (so I’d have the clothes I want to wear this weekend), and I decided the hell with it, the laundry could sit in the washing machine for a while—I wanna imbibe.

So I stopped at McMenamins Mill Creek and had a few pints and enjoyed the company of strangers while I finished The Belgariad, Vol. 2 and read through the recent issue of Seattle Weekly and talked some more and otherwise had a fine time, ignoring the fact that I probably should wake up at 07:00 tomorrow to make sure I’m showered and shaved and packed and the Escape is ready and I pick up Katharine on time and blah blah blah.

I like the lack of deadlines around the holidays.